Spackling and Drywall

drywall repair centereach ny

Does Your Home or Business Need New Drywall or Current Drywall Repaired?

We can provide drywall installation services in and around Centereach, Holbrook, Huntington, NY and all surrounding areas

Carefully installed drywall can make the interior of your building look polished and new. Plus, smooth, blemish-free drywall makes quality paint look even better. If you want to get new drywall installed, hire Got Paint NY LLC

We take our time to provide top-notch drywall installation services. When we hang drywall in your home, we'll:

  • Work wall by wall
  • Apply three coats of spackle to all seams
  • Sand between each coat
  • Prime your walls for painting

The drywall installation process can take several days to complete, including proper time for drying. Call or text us today to get a free estimate on drywall installation and repair services.

We can repair your existing drywall

Maybe your kids accidentally knocked over some furniture, creating a dent in your wall. Or, maybe there was a plumbing leak in your home or place of business that led to water damage. No matter what happened to the drywall in your home or place of business, you can depend on us for drywall repairs. We'll use high-quality materials and take a meticulous approach to the project.

Contact us right away to schedule drywall repair services.