What is Proper Roof Maintenance?

It is often that we forget that the cover of our resident is not simply a lid put on top. No, your roof is your first defense against all the rain, hail, wind, and bird adventures you can think of. That means you should frequently catch yourself asking, “What is proper roof maintenance?” so you can stay on top of the game! The last situation you want to find yourself in is within a house that has a roof with irreversible damage because it was not being checked on. To make sure that is not the case, in this article, we will be getting into some tips you should keep in mind while tackling roof maintenance- and the most important question, “Why?”

It Is Best To Hire Professionals From Time To Time

Yes, we will dive into what you can do to take care of your roof independently- however, professional inspections can save you a lot of hassle. You can keep your calendar open-seasonally for them but, they must be a cornerstone of your maintenance. These check-ins are similar to dentist recommendations. In the sense that, even if you do not see any visible damage, it is best to allow a professional to make that call as well.

Roof inspectors are trained to analyze if there are any risks of damage occurring in the future. Also, they can give you proper guidance on how to maximize maintenance techniques in your time as well. This should feel like a partnership where each party is interested in making sure that you have a strong and safe roof. 

Reaching out to professionals can, additionally, help you create a network of people that you may call with any future questions. This is an excellent step to take if you want a little extra care/padding to prevent any unexpected concerns with your residence.

Taking Care Of Gutters Should Be A Top Priority

An easy way small damages on roofs can build up is if your drainage system is clogged or rusted. If the gutters are not cleared and cleaned, without your notice, water can begin pooling. This, in turn, can cause leaks, unsanitary pipes, and- in extreme cases- areas of your roof to sink. Neglecting this, relatively, easy problem can also stack up a hefty price to pay for ultimate repairs as the issue becomes more complex. However, with regular maintenance checks, you can save yourself from any of these concerns.

Although, if you do not know the proper tools to use while clearing out the gutters, a quick Google search should give you several options. But if you would like a better guarantee of the right steps to take, calling in a reliable friend or family member is also a good place to start. In the long run, this proactive care can save you a lot of time and money from dealing with extensive damage.

Keep Tree Branches Away!

Untrimmed tree branches pose extreme risks to your house and especially your roof. This is especially true if your locality often experiences harsh weather such as storms, hail, hurricanes, etc. You can never predict how sturdy a tree branch is- as such if they are hanging over your home, there is a significant risk of them falling. This is why some states have government-employed local tree maintenance services. They may also approach individual residents if they observe such a risk in your property. However, to ensure this measure is taken care of, you should keep this priority in mind.

Also, it is best to hire a professional tree-cutting agency for this job; especially, if you want to tackle a tree that grows strong branches. This way you allow the process to be taken care of with the necessary safety precautions in place. After it is all done and dusted, you can also employ tactics to guide the tree’s growth so that such a problem does not arise again.

Check The Signs For Water Damage

Now, although calling in professionals can help guide you in preventing future problems, you should not need to make these calls without reason. So, it is best to be aware of the signs that can hint at water damage that must be dealt with. These can show themselves in the form of stains within your ceiling from water pooling on the roof. Or your walls’ paint may start to peel without any evident explanation.

If you witness any of these instances, if possible, check your roof and see if you can find the source of the trouble. If that is not possible, it is time to call in an expert as quickly as you can. Again, prolonging this procedure to any extent can cause unpredictable concerns that will also rack up the costs you have to ultimately pay.

These points to check off are also important to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase a new property. In that case, have questions prepared for the previous residents of the home or the contractor on how they cared for any water damage on the roof. Such curiosity can help you a lot in the long run if there are any concerns you may be inheriting.

Keep The Surface Of Your Roof Clean

Although giving care to the drainage system is extremely important, you cannot neglect to keep the overall roof clear of debris as well. Any mess on the surface can attract the growth of mold or algae if it interacts with water. Also, of course, a small wind can blow all of these scrapes into the pipes and before you know it- give you the bigger issues mentioned above. Again, it is in your interest to show vigilance when caring for this part of your home.

Final Thoughts

Roof maintenance is extremely important to prevent irreversible damage from water, debris, or merely old materials that must be updated. Of course, you should not underestimate the help provided by a professional to ensure care-however, hopefully with the points above you will be better informed about the steps of proper upkeep.

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